Results Strategy & Motivation Session

Results Strategy & Motivation Session

This evaluation helps you determine where your body is now so that you have all the critical information you need before you even consider joining Results Health & Performance or any other gym, or upon deciding to join RHP. Here’s what you can expect in your Results Strategy & Motivation Session:

Map Out Our Strategy & Plan

First, I will sit down with you to learn about your specific goals and motivations, your health history, any past injuries, your training history as well as your nutritional habits and the time you have available to train.

Assess Your Functional Movement

Then you’ll be evaluated on range of motion, mobility, flexibility, stability, posture and overall movement as I guide you through the Results Functional Movement Assessment. Don’t worry, none of these assessments will be painful or embarrassing. The goal is to assess the current condition of your body so that I can tailor a bespoke and optimally effective program for your individual needs and goals.

Tailor & Customise For Optimal Personal Efficiency

You’ll also be screened for any imbalances you may have that could eventually cause an injury. This screening helps to ensure that your fitness or sports conditioning program is designed so that you are moving toward your goals safely. I don’t just throw you on a weight bench or into personal training sessions without a proper understanding of the right level of progression for you. You will get a score that will be incorporated into your blueprint and I will guide you on what the next best step is for you. If you achieve above a certain score I’ll be confident with progressing you into more advanced training methods right away. If you achieve under a certain score I would want to spend a few weeks making sure we lay the foundations for future training success by performing a program written specifically for you to correct any imbalances you have while still progressing toward achieving your goals. This phase can be done in either a 1-to-1 or semi-private setting.

Analyse Your Body Composition

In addition, you’ll receive a free body fat analysis using RHP’s in-house advanced body composition technology to see how much fat, muscle and other tissue you have on your body (along with other indicators); these are all regularly monitored as you progress. Using this information, we’ll have a better feel for body transformation and sports fitness results you want to achieve together.

All this information allows us to jointly determine which membership option and training approach will work best for you, and allows me to customise an innovative, effective and easy to follow plan for your diet and training with me at RHP.