Lauren Hopkins – Recruitment Consultant & Gym Lover
  • I'm far more body confident in & out of the gym, I've dropped body fat, I fit into all of my clothes, I'm de-stressed, sleeping better and exercising 4 times a week! Rich was recommended to me by a friend and she couldn't have been more spot on! I've been been doing Semi-Private Training alongside a friend with Rich and have the best time. He always has a smile on his face and has a natural passion for his work. The workouts are incredibly tough but so rewarding and I love using the different state of the art equipment and exercises (especially battling ropes, sledgehammers, tyres, boxing and resistance bands). He makes exercising fun and his workouts are full of variety. Rich always pushes me and when I don't think I can do any more he always gets a few more reps out of me! If you enjoy high intensity sessions I would definitely recommend this to you - it's great for someone who needs pushing and motivating to stay on track. Rich takes time to understand your individual goals and not only creates a personalised exercise program but also analyses your diet and relationship with food and gives great advice on recipes and healthy alternatives. The nutrition advice and RHP Training App are really helpful and it is great comparing the before and after measurements. The results for me in such a short amount of time have been excellent and I cannot recommend Rich highly enough. As a coach Rich is genuine, motivating, personable and has a great sense of humour. Thanks for everything - you've given me the kick start I needed and now I can't get out of the gym. One session with Rich and you'll be hooked, book me in until 2020! Lauren Hopkins - Recruitment Consultant & Gym Lover