Tim Block – Founder of Hatton & Edwards Fine Wines & Former Tennis Ace
  • My results sheet reads as follows, gained 5.4kg lean muscle, while dropping 3.5% body fat. I am pleased with this but more importantly to me I now eat right, feel healthy, look fitter, sleep better and work more effectively. So, after finishing my first 3 months with RHP I thought I would pen a few words to sum up my experience. In a previous life I was a relatively talented sportsman however more recently having started my own business in central London, like so many the sport and proper exercise has taken a back seat. It is not rocket science that when you sit behind a desk for the majority of the day, eat out a lot and grab meals on the go you will gain weight. What I didn’t realize was the other damage you are doing; posture and effects on old injuries to mention two. From the word go Rich works you hard, there is nothing left to chance – you move seamlessly from one tailored exercise to the next throughout the session. Not only do the sessions flow properly but each exercise is inventive and engaging, whether it is core work or boxing. I have had personal trainers before but none of them achieved results like RHP, none of them have enthused me to come back week in week out and none of them have deserved every single penny on the invoice. Rich has worked incredibly hard to make himself an expert in all areas of the health and fitness game – I think you would struggle to find a more knowledgeable & complete trainer in the country and I predict big things for RHP. Tim Block - Founder of Hatton & Edwards Fine Wines & Former Tennis Ace