10 Reasons To Pick RHP
10 reasons to pick Results Health & Performance Here’s why you should train with RHP instead of other gyms

1. Results Driven Fitness

RHP is growing and thriving because my clients and athletes achieve exceptional results that they can’t get elsewhere. Male or female, old or young, I offer functional fitness for regular people and athletes who simply want to look, move and feel better, perform at their best in their sports, or both.

2. Unlimited, expert coaching

As well as the individual attention you get during training sessions, I’m also there to give you advice beyond the gym. You’ll never be left wondering what you should be doing and I thrive on continually updating my knowledge, every day.

3. Simple nutrition advice

My in-depth nutrition knowledge allows me to give you advice in a way that’s easy to understand and apply to your life.

4. No-nonsense approach

I act as a fitness filter, which means I take all of the often confusing and conflicting information that’s out there and give you what works.

5. Bespoke programming

I don’t use one-size fits all training programs. I give each client a thorough evaluation and create a unique plan.

6. No dodgy contracts – get results or get your money back

Unlike other gyms, RHP doesn’t tie you in to 12-month minimum contracts or make it difficult for you to leave should your circumstances change. An RHP membership investment ranges from only 3 months. Why? Because in 3 months you can expect to achieve top-level results. If you decide to move on after this time, then at least I’ve done my job. Assuming you’ve followed our plan, if for any reason at all you are not ‘wowed’ by your experience, I offer a complete money back guarantee. Results depend on effort, determination, commitment and consistency. I help by providing you with an abundant supply of each.

7. Care for clients

For as long as your membership remains current new joiners will never pay less than existing members.

8. No queuing for equipment

I control membership numbers so the gym studio isn’t overcrowded (maximum 3 people training together at any time). RHP’s well-equipped facility means you can use the kit you want, when you want.

9. Extra benefits – RHP Training App & Client Corner

When you become an RHP member you get access to the custom-built RHP Training App and ‘Client Corner’ of RHP’s website. Use the RHP Training App to access your training and nutrition plan anytime, anywhere, on any device for individual support to succeed. Watch instructional videos, track your training and physique progress stats, schedule workouts and benefit from unlimited messaging support with me. RHP ‘Client Corner’ is packed with cutting edge online resources (like more than 60 free, easy, healthy recipes) that help you get into the shape of your life and make your experience training at RHP more seamless and hassle-free.

10. Unbeatable atmosphere

When you train at RHP, you’re in a private, purpose-designed PT-only facility. No need to contend with oversized egos who think they own the place. You have my complete attention and personal service all to yourself, or you train alongside a select-number of like-minded, positive, community-focused people, working towards achieving similar goals.

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