Core Values

What makes RHP tick

I believe passionately in Results Driven Fitness – the three word philosophy that guides everything I do with my clients and athletes, both inside and beyond the Results Health & Performance facility.

These are RHP’s Core Values.

1. Work hard and smart

Do the hard yards, intelligently and with focus. And do it for the entire RHP community.

2. Play hard

Do stuff that makes you feel alive. Do it regularly. Trust your instincts, stay true to yourself and dare to be different.

3. Laugh hard

Not just at yourself but with others too. Have fun and a sense of humour. Enjoy life.

4. Be your best

Do the right thing as best as you can – 100% properly or not at all. No excuses. No exceptions.

5. Lead by example

Practice what you preach. Don’t just tell people; show them. Be positive, don’t complain – be a Warrior.

6. Go the extra mile

Make the effort. Do the little things that make a difference. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Exceed expectations.

7. Learn for life

Strive for continual development both personally and professionally. Embrace change and take action.

8. Play it straight

Be honest & transparent. Communicate clearly with mutual understanding. No ego, no nonsense. Have integrity & pride.

9. Build the community

Don’t think ‘I’ or ‘me’. Think ‘we’. Focus on giving and helping. Constantly benefit my clients and those around me.

10. Be professional

Have fun but remember that RHP is a business. Strive for win-win profitability. Be respected, valued and trusted.


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