Results Food Stages System ‘Nutrition made simple’

Use these RHP guides to get clarity on how to eat more healthily. Every day you’re bombarded by nutrition advice in the media that’s often misinterpreted and misinformed. That’s why I’ve produced these nutrition guides. They’ll give you clarity about what to eat, what to avoid, what matters and what’s not worth worrying about. And if you’re still uncertain about anything, just ask me.

RHP’s four-stage system will help you eat in the way that’s most suitable for you. Here’s how it works.

Stage 1

Balanced Diet


This stage is about getting the basics right and it contains the foundation principles for good health.


Drink plenty of water, eat plenty of fruit and veg (different colours and a wide variety). Eat an adequate amount of protein and rotate your sources. Eat fibre-rich foods and make sure you eat some good fats such as those found in grass-fed butter, coconut oil, nuts, seeds and avocados. Try to reduce or eliminate your intake of booze and processed food.

The RHP Role

I’m here to help you establish good eating habits. I’m also able to help you prioritise what’s important.

Stage 2

Get Specific


This is when we begin to tailor your diet to help you meet your personal training goals.


We all have different goals and nutritional requirements and one way of eating won’t suit everyone. In this stage I’ll make more specific recommendations about quantities (calorie intake) and macronutrient (protein, carbs, fat) ratios to suit your goals and requirements.

The RHP role

Once you have a foundation of quality foods I’ll help you build upon that base from stage one and advise you on the most important diet adjustments you can make.

Stage 3

Advanced Strategies


This is when we get even more specific about your nutrition plan to help you make very targeted progress through your diet.


When you’re at this stage you may want to follow an eating system that dictates what you eat at particular times. We may also employ advanced tactics such as carb cycling, where you vary your carb intake on different days, or intermittent fasting. If you’d benefit from using supplements, I’ll tell you what you need.

The RHP role

I’ll ensure that you’re using these strategies safely and effectively. Intermittent fasting diets, for example, have been widely misinterpreted and misused.

Stage 4

Personal Testing


This stage involves doing blood tests and food intolerance tests with our trusted testing partners.


We won’t jump straight to this stage because it’s important that you establish good basic eating patterns before you start getting to the real nitty-gritty of biochemical testing. But we’ll use it if I feel that this advanced service would help us identify where your diet needs to be tweaked.

The RHP role

I’ll interpret the results that you get from our testing partner and help you apply the findings to the way you eat to get the biggest benefit.

Why Stages Work

This food stages system will help you make effective progress because it ensures that you get the fundamentals right before you start getting complex. Whilst there is some crossover between stages we will always ensure that you satisfy all of the requirements of a stage before moving you on to the next level.