The RHP Approach

Why the RHP Approach will work for you

Training with RHP goes above and beyond traditional Personal Training – it is Health & Performance Coaching.

How RHP helps you succeed when you’re not training in the RHP Studio is just as important as the actual physical training time you put in to achieving your goals. Blending state of the art, cutting-edge equipment and scientific programming should be expected of a Specialist Personal Training facility, not what sets it apart.

That’s why RHP has invested in the RHP Training App for the benefit of RHP Clients – to transform ordinary Personal Training into complete & effective Heath & Performance Coaching that gets long-term, sustainable results, wherever you are.

RHP considers a holistic view of you as a whole individual – we’ll typically address the following broad areas in our training together:

– Physical Fitness & Aesthetic Symmetry  –

– Movement & Soft Tissue Quality –

– Food Choices –

– Eating Behaviours –

– Lifestyle & Self-Care Strategies –

Unlike a lot of other gyms and trainers, I am not dogmatic about the way we train. I believe in drawing on positive elements from a range of methods – including bodyweight training, High Intensity Training (HIT), yoga, Pilates, corrective exercise, physical therapy, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, bodybuilding, strongman training, athletics/track & field and CrossFit to name a few.

My skill lies in balancing the science and art to select and apply the right training tool at the right time for each individual. My programs are innovative and effective and I cater to beginners, seasoned gym goers and athletes alike. Most people come to RHP to get healthier, fitter, stronger, leaner and better conditioned for their their sport; programs at RHP reflect this.

What Fitness means at RHP

My definition of fitness is simple. It’s the ability to look, move and feel great, and be best equipped to carry out your day-to-day and athletic endeavours. That’s why RHP is not a bodybuilding gym. In fact, I rarely advocate extremes of anything. Instead, RHP offers functional fitness for regular people and athletes.

Everyone in the RHP Training Community works towards achieving RHP’s coveted, innovative and industry-leading ‘Results Health & Performance Standards’ – developed specifically for regular people and athletes alike. RHP ‘Standard Bearers’ can objectively call themselves ‘Fit & Healthy’ and have the looks, performance (and T-shirt) to prove it.

Join the RHP Team

Everybody who joins Results Health & Performance is assessed for mobility, stability, posture and overall movement. I also use advanced body composition technology to tell us how much fat, muscle and other tissue you have on your body and these are all regularly monitored as you progress.

This information, combined with knowledge of your training history, your goals, the time you have available to train and any other relevant variables like nutritional habits, allows us to determine which Training Package will work best for you. All you have to do is Contact RHP and we’ll set up an appointment.

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