Hannah Kane – Owner of Fashion, Beauty & Health Magazine – Phoenix
  • Online Fitness Coaching with Rich is a great experience. I hit my gym in London with renewed vigour and motivation through RHP’s Online Fitness Coaching and RHP Training App model - plus I have a personalised, professional and idiot proof training plan to follow! I saw results within a couple of weeks and it is great to be able to feel confident in all areas of the gym, not just the cardio room! It was easier than I thought to make changes to what I thought was my "natural body shape". I have various challenges to deal with - the most pressing ones are how to keep the magazine running and how to achieve some kind of work / life balance in the process. Sometimes it can be hard to motivate yourself when working alone - I was keen to take the next step and pick the brain of a well-respected professional like Rich on how to achieve visible results within a time-poor lifestyle. Working with Rich has been a great experience and I've welcomed having more structure to my training sessions. Knowing that there is someone taking an interest in my health and fitness is one of the most valuable things about Rich & RHP (along with finally learning what all the gym equipment does!). And I’m not sure if any connection…but I now have a wonderful boyfriend! My business is still very demanding but I feel like I'm coping with the pressure better than ever along with improvement in my ongoing sciatica and back problems. Thanks so much Rich – I definitely recommend you and RHP to others who want to try something new in their fitness! Hannah Kane - Owner of Fashion, Beauty & Health Magazine - Phoenix