Lucy Deung – Primary School Teacher, Avid Equestrian & Runner
  • After tearing my cruciate ligament, I decided to seek help from RHP to help me maintain strength in my knee, improve my overall fitness and become leaner and healthier. I knew Rich had the experience and knowledge of the helping people recover from the injury I had; Rich was dedicated and passionate about tailoring a workout program specific to my needs. He was patient and motivated me to achieve personal bests in nearly all of my sessions! The sessions were really fun and motivational, I even came when I was feeling unwell as I knew the sessions would make me feel better! I loved learning new exercises to strengthen my knee and help me to get leaner and stronger. I thoroughly enjoyed all of my sessions as well as becoming fitter and leaner during the process. RHP comes with my highest recommendation, 10 out of 10! Rich is extremely dedicated, hardworking and personal to individual needs. RHP’s coaching process is professional and passionate which really inspired me as a client. Lucy Deung - Primary School Teacher, Avid Equestrian & Runner