Parents of Freddy & Kennedy Newbert – Professional Football Academy Players
  • Long may our association with Rich continue. What impressed us as parents was being met by this very personal, amiable man who had an instant air of professionalism about him. Our teenage boys both attend a professional football club academy and felt that despite receiving a high level of technical training at the club, there was an area of their physical development that could be enhanced, in what is a very competitive environment. We needed to find the right person. Someone who was both qualified and understood professional sport, also with a CRB certificate, as they would be working alone with them. Having spent hours on the internet researching personal trainers, a couple of candidates stood out. Having considered one, we headed off to see Rich. To be honest, the RHP studio was further away than we would have liked, as we were already spending hours on the road with their football as it was. His CV seemed to fit the bill, but it’s all down to personalities and whatever our thoughts, the decision was always going to be down to the boys. Rich looked at the boys as young men and greeted them as such. Having had the initial meeting / assessment there was an overwhelming agreement from us all that we had found the right person. Rich is professional, thorough, enthusiastic, passionate and highly motivated and this has brought a completely new understanding of physique, technique, well-being and confidence to the pair of them that has improved the strength, stamina and agility. Rich considers every aspect of your needs and lifestyle, tailoring a program to each individual. Rich’s enthusiasm and motivation towards the boys coupled with the variety of sessions is making for continued progress and we would definitely recommend the RHP Youth Sports Fitness Training Package to anyone we know. Parents of Freddy & Kennedy Newbert - Professional Football Academy Players