Rachel Drummond – Professional Ladies European Tour & US LPGA Golfer
  • RHP is a winning formula! My golf is better, my body & physical awareness has improved, my lifestyle and happiness has increased and also it has rekindled my competitive nature! Training in the RHP gym 2x per week has massively improved my golfing & general fitness & performance and I’m also learning a lot about myself with RHP’s structure and consistency. Having been to other trainers before I can see what a difference it makes having an educated athlete combined with Rich’s attitude that wants to get the best out of his pupils – the magic formula! Thank you once again Rich for continuing to help improve my general fitness along with my golf specific exercise - training with Rich at RHP has made me happier and rekindled my competitive nature, 10 out of 10! I came in wanting 3 things; 1 - better fitness levels, 2 - golf specific fitness, 3 - balance in my lifestyle. Even as a successful golf pro, self-motivation was low and confidence in my fitness and golf ability were jeopardised. I had a very unbalanced lifestyle with a lack of priority around my profession and fitness. What finally had me say “enough is enough” that inspired me to work with RHP was when I realised I wasn't the best version if myself and not giving 100 percent. Also when my golf performances dropped and I knew deep down I was capable of more! I have loved the way Rich works with facts, and makes the programs personal to each individual. I loved that we see progress that isn't only reflected in my weight and body fat percentage but also transpires into my golfing performance. The other great advantage of training with Rich is that I now know how to activate certain muscle groups - so not only just when I work out do I have a better understanding but also when I perform. Each RHP component above is necessary to make a well-rounded athlete - one piece without the other would make it incomplete so I think the one of the most important thing from RHP is getting a lot of things coming together to get an end goal - one piece isn't more vital than another, it is a holistic view. I wholeheartedly recommend RHP for golf-specific fitness as well as for anyone that needs professional yet friendly structure and consistency in their lives to improve not only their physiques but also their entire well-being. Rachel Drummond - Professional Ladies European Tour & US LPGA Golfer