‘Women’s Body Transformation’

Lose fat, boost your metabolism, feel great and improve your health and confidence.

Look, move and feel better in your everyday life and perform at your best in your athletic pursuits.

RHP doesn’t subscribe to the dumbing down of women’s fitness. RHP designs programs that are bespoke, get results for RHP Women and allow you to exercise in a way that helps you become the best possible version of yourself that you can be.

Much of RHP’s female-fitness-focused work is published in many respected media outlets across the World, such as Elle & Cosmopolitan, among others.

For example, Rich’s ‘6 Female Fitness Mistakes & How You Can Fix Them’ recently became the Most Read Daily Mail Fitness Article in the World – see that here along with much more about RHP in the Media.

Local Clients

  • 21 Day Trial Package

  • Save more than £200 & gain access to over £300 of services for £99 with One-to-One & Semi-Private Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching Sessions.

  • Semi-Private Personal Training

  • Reach your body transformation & sports fitness goals fast alongside friends, team-mates and other RHP members with bespoke Semi-Private coaching at affordable prices in RHP’s dedicated training facility.

  • One-to-One Personal Training

  • Spend exclusive time with Rich to achieve your body transformation & sports fitness goals in record time with cutting edge, individualised One-to-One training and nutrition coaching. Maximise your body transformation & sports fitness personal training results.

Distance Clients

  • Free RHP Training App Experience

  • Sample RHP Online Fitness Coaching & the RHP Training App before you invest in a training package.

  • Online Fitness Coaching

  • This revolutionary, flexible and affordable option allows RHP to get results for those who live too far away from the facility, permanently or periodically. Benefit from the high quality results RHP’s programming and advice delivers and use the custom-built RHP Training App anytime, anywhere, on any device so I can impact your everyday life with individual support to succeed.

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